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Key Features of the Consumer Forum Guide:

1. Comprehensive Coverage: The book offers a step-by-step reference guide on how to approach the Consumer Forum, providing solutions available to consumers under the Consumer Protection Act. It covers various aspects of consumer rights, including those related to doctors, hospitals, builders, banks, and other service providers, as well as local government bodies.

2. Practical Solutions: Through real-life cases decided in the Consumer Forum, the book illustrates practical solutions for consumers facing various hassles and complaints. By presenting these cases, readers gain insights into how consumer rights can be safeguarded and upheld in different situations.

3. Reader-Friendly Style: Written in a simple, lucid, and reader-friendly style, the book aims to make the complexities of the Consumer Protection Act accessible to a wide audience. Its clear language and approachable tone help readers navigate the legal framework and understand their rights as consumers.

4. Incorporation of New Consumer Law: The book discusses in detail the new consumer law introduced by the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, ensuring that readers are informed about the latest legal developments in consumer protection. This includes an analysis of key provisions and implications of the new legislation.

5. Latest Decisions of Consumer Courts: By covering the latest decisions of Consumer Courts, the book provides readers with up-to-date information on legal precedents and case law relevant to consumer rights. This ensures that readers have access to the most current interpretations and applications of consumer protection laws.

Overall, the Consumer Forum Guide serves as a valuable resource for consumers seeking to understand their rights and navigate the process of seeking redressal for grievances. With its comprehensive coverage, practical solutions, reader-friendly style, incorporation of new consumer law, and updates on recent court decisions, the book empowers consumers to assert their rights effectively in the marketplace.