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This title serves as a comprehensive section-wise commentary on the law concerning the Dishonour of Cheques, offering an exhaustive study ranging from the basics of Negotiable Instruments to emerging issues and recent legislative changes in this area.

Key Features:

- Critical Commentary: Provides a thorough analysis of emerging issues and recent legislative developments related to the dishonour of cheques, offering insights into the evolving legal landscape.

- Coverage of Important Aspects: Discusses crucial aspects such as interim compensation, black money, and friendly loans, shedding light on key areas of concern and interest.

- Focus on Technological Advancements: Addresses contemporary issues such as e-cheques, e-notices, and e-summons, reflecting the impact of technology on cheque-related transactions. Additionally, includes model forms of notices and complaints to facilitate practical implementation.

- Appraisal of Judicial Precedents: Offers a critical appraisal of judgments from Indian Courts that have influenced changes and developments in the legal framework surrounding the dishonour of cheques, providing valuable insights into judicial interpretations and trends.

This title serves as an essential resource for legal practitioners, scholars, and anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of the legal intricacies surrounding dishonoured cheques, encompassing both traditional principles and contemporary challenges.