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Law and Sports in India (Second Edition)

The second edition of Law and Sports in India offers a thorough examination of the intersection between sports and the legal framework in India. It explores the position of sports within the constitutional structure, emerging sports policies, the increasing commercialization of sports, and the myriad challenges faced by sportspersons, event organizers, and sports federations.

This comprehensive work delves into contemporary issues such as the IPL probe report, doping controversies, gender discrimination, nationality concerns in sports, and unresolved questions related to broadcasting law and taxation of sports earnings. A dedicated chapter on the legacy of the Commonwealth Games 2010 provides valuable insights into the long-term impacts of major sporting events.

The authors aim to raise awareness about critical legal issues in sports, considering decisions from both Indian judiciary and courts worldwide. This book is a vital resource for lawyers, judges, regulatory bodies, sportspersons, sports administrators, sports institutions, and sports enthusiasts.

Key Features:

- Constitutional Framework: Analysis of the position of sports within India's constitutional structure and upcoming sports policies.

- Commercialization and Challenges: Discussion on the increasing commercialization of sports and the challenges faced by various stakeholders.

- Current Issues: In-depth examination of recent controversies and legal cases, including the IPL probe, doping incidents, gender discrimination, and nationality issues in sports.

- Broadcasting and Taxation: Insights into unresolved questions relating to broadcasting laws and the taxation of sports earnings.

- Commonwealth Games Legacy: A detailed chapter on the legacy and impact of the Commonwealth Games 2010.

- Global and Domestic Perspectives: Consideration of decisions from Indian courts and international judicial bodies.


- Injeti Srinivas, Director General, Sports Authority of India: "*Law and Sports in India* serves as a useful reference for all stakeholders to understand the multiple facets of sports and the underlying legal principles."

- Abhinav Bindra, Beijing Olympic Gold Medallist: "From an athlete’s point of view, this book is a comprehensive guide to legal developments in sports and spreads much-needed awareness in India."

- Viren Rasquinha, Former Captain of the Indian Hockey Team: "An instructive, edifying read. Justice Mudgal, aided by Vidushpat, provides sports lovers a must-read book."

- Ashwini Nachappa, Former Athlete: "Justice Mudgal has been a crusader of the sports movement and athletes’ rights. This book reflects their knowledge and ability to simplify complex issues."

Law and Sports in India is an essential read for anyone involved in or passionate about the legal and regulatory aspects of sports in India.