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Key Features:

1. Systematic Exposition of the Constitution: The book offers a structured and organized presentation of the constitutional document, arranged logically into chapters and headings. This facilitates ease of understanding for readers at all levels.

2. Wide Audience Coverage: Serving as an introductory study on the Constitution, the book caters to a diverse readership including general readers, politicians, journalists, statesmen, administrative authorities, and students pursuing various courses such as LL.B., LL.M., B.A., M.A. (Political Science), as well as aspirants of competitive examinations conducted by Union and State Public Service Commissions.

3. Historical Context and Development: Tracing the constitutional history of India since the Government of India Act, 1858, the book provides an insightful analysis of the provisions of the present Constitution. It explains the interrelation between different components of the Constitution, offering readers a comprehensive understanding of its evolution.

4. Analysis of Constitutional Provisions: The book critically examines the working of each provision of the Constitution during its initial decade, referencing relevant statutes and judicial decisions where necessary. It also provides a critical assessment of emerging trends, enriching readers' perspectives on constitutional dynamics.

5. Aids to Understanding: Features such as an analytical table of contents, marginal notes, index, and reference tables enhance comprehension and navigation within the book. These tools assist readers in accessing specific topics or concepts with ease.

6. Up-to-Date Content: Incorporating all legislative changes and recent amendments up to the Constitution (One Hundred and Fifth Amendment) Act, 2021, and notable judgments of the Supreme Court of India, the book ensures that readers have access to the latest developments in constitutional law.

In summary, D D Basu's "Introduction to the Constitution of India" stands as a comprehensive and invaluable resource, offering a thorough examination of India's constitutional framework for a diverse audience and keeping readers abreast of contemporary legal developments.