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Key Features:

1. Insight into Nani Palkhivala's Working Methods: This book provides a rare glimpse into the working methods and advocacy style of Nani Palkhivala, often regarded as The Courtroom Genius. Readers will gain valuable insights into his approach to legal practice, his strategies in the courtroom, and his legendary powers of persuasion.

2. Essential Reading for Legal Professionals and Citizens: Whether you're a student of law, a practicing lawyer, a chartered accountant, a member of the judiciary, or simply a well-informed citizen, this book is deemed essential reading. It offers profound lessons from one of India's most celebrated legal minds.

3. Colossal Figure in Indian Legal Arena: Nani Palkhivala's towering presence in the Indian legal arena is vividly portrayed in this book. From his remarkable academic achievements to his illustrious career spanning five decades, Palkhivala's journey is chronicled in detail, showcasing his unparalleled contributions to the legal profession.

4. Phenomenal Power of Concentration and Persuasive Advocacy: Palkhivala's exceptional abilities, including his phenomenal power of concentration and persuasive advocacy, are highlighted throughout the book. His reputation as a supremely successful lawyer is underscored, offering valuable lessons for aspiring legal professionals.

5. Notable Cases and International Representation: The book delves into some of the most significant cases argued by Nani Palkhivala before the Supreme Court of India, including landmark constitutional law cases such as Golak Nath, Kesavananda Bharati, and Mandal Commission. Additionally, Palkhivala's representation of India in major international disputes adds further depth to his illustrious legal career.

6. Multifaceted Personality: Beyond his legal prowess, Palkhivala's multifaceted personality is explored in the book. From delivering critical lectures on the annual budget to his philanthropic endeavors, readers gain a comprehensive understanding of the man behind the legal legend.

In summary, this book offers a compelling narrative of Nani Palkhivala's journey as a lawyer, shedding light on his working methods, advocacy style, notable cases, and multifaceted personality. It serves as an invaluable resource for legal professionals, students of law, and anyone interested in the remarkable contributions of one of India's most eminent legal luminaries.