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Law of Copyright: Comparative Perspectives by Alka Chawla - 1st Edition (2013)

Dive into a critical examination of copyright law in today's globalized world with Alka Chawla's insightful work. This first edition explores the subject through a comparative lens, drawing parallels between copyright laws in India, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union, and analyzing key international treaties and recent developments.

Key Features:

  • Comparative Analysis: Explores copyright law in India and other jurisdictions, highlighting similarities and differences.

  • International Treaties: Discusses provisions of key international treaties like the Berne Convention, TRIPS, WCT, and WPPT.

  • Recent Developments: Covers recent amendments to the Indian Copyright Act and significant international treaties signed in 2012.

  • Case Law Analysis: Illustrates important concepts with relevant case law from India and abroad.

  • Internet Challenges: Examines the impact of the Internet on copyright law and addresses modern-day challenges.

  • User-Friendly Structure: Chapters include synopses and summaries for ease of navigation and reference.

Law of Copyright: Comparative Perspectives by Alka Chawla provides a comprehensive overview of copyright law in a global context, making it essential reading for legal practitioners, academics, and anyone interested in intellectual property rights.