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Universal’s Guide to LL.M. Entrance Examination (Including Previous Years’ Solved Papers) by Gaurav Mehta is a comprehensive and essential work catering to the needs of candidates appearing for LL.M. Entrance Examinations conducted by various law universities. It provides multiple choice questions and exhaustive theory on every subject forming the part of the syllabus of the examination. The book also contains questions that have been asked in the previous years’ examinations, along with other multiple-choice questions.

Key Features:

  • Revised and Up-to-Date: This edition is updated to include exhaustive theory and more than 6000 multiple choice questions.

  • Recent Legislative Changes: Theory has been updated in accordance with recent legislative changes and landmark judgments.

  • Extensive Previous Years' Questions: Includes exhaustive coverage of questions from previous years’ examinations.

  • Latest Developments: Questions have been modified to reflect the latest changes or developments in law.

  • Syllabus Mapping: Mapped in accordance with the latest syllabus of the LL.M. entrance examination.

  • Exam Pattern Structure: Structured to reflect the pattern of questions generally asked in the examination.

  • Updated Content: Includes questions from the 2022 and 2023 examinations at relevant places.

This guide is structured to help candidates thoroughly prepare for the LL.M. entrance examinations with a systematic approach, providing a solid foundation in theory and ample practice through multiple choice questions. It is an essential resource for law aspirants aiming to secure admission to prestigious law universities.