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Key Features:

1. Comprehensive Coverage: The book provides a comprehensive exploration of the Law of Affidavits, addressing the various statutory and procedural requirements associated with affidavits.

2. Accessible Presentation: Despite the complexity inherent in the subject matter, the authors have presented the material in a manner that is easily understandable. By breaking down the concepts into understandable propositions, the book aims to cater to the needs of readers across different situations.

3. Importance of Affidavits: Recognizing the significant role affidavits play in legal proceedings, the book delves into the diverse occasions and cases in which affidavits are required. It aims to equip readers with the necessary knowledge and understanding to effectively draft and use affidavits in practice.

4. Incorporation of Case Law: Recent case law and references have been included to provide readers with up-to-date insights into the evolving legal landscape surrounding affidavits. The inclusion of references to well-known English and American authorities adds depth and breadth to the analysis.

5. Comprehensiveness and Completeness: The authors have endeavored to make the book comprehensive and complete by incorporating a wide range of case law and references. This ensures that readers have access to a wealth of information and perspectives on the subject.

Overall, "Law of Affidavits" serves as a valuable resource for legal practitioners, scholars, and anyone involved in drafting, submitting, or interpreting affidavits. Its accessible presentation, comprehensive coverage, and incorporation of recent case law make it an essential guide for navigating the intricacies of affidavit law.