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Key Features:

1. Comprehensive Digest: "Supreme Court on Criminal Law" offers a comprehensive digest of relevant cases covering various aspects of criminal law. Spanning six volumes, this work serves as an exhaustive resource for practitioners, scholars, and anyone interested in understanding the nuances of criminal law jurisprudence.

2. Thematic Arrangement: The cases decided by the Supreme Court of India, from 1950 to 2023, are arranged thematically under comprehensible headings. This thematic arrangement facilitates easy navigation and allows readers to grasp the evolution of criminal law through case law developments.

3. Detailed Case Summaries: Each case included in the digest is accompanied by detailed summaries outlining the facts and substance of the law settled. This helps readers gain a thorough understanding of the legal principles established by the Supreme Court in each case.

4. Meticulous Selection: The judgments included in the digest are meticulously selected to ensure relevance and accuracy. Redundant material is omitted, and cases that have been overruled or held not to be good law are either removed or accompanied by explanatory notes.

5. Coverage of Recent Developments: The digest incorporates new topics reflecting recent developments in crime and the prosecution of offenders. This ensures that the work remains up-to-date and relevant in light of evolving legal principles and societal changes.

6. Enhanced Searchability: Designed as an additional search engine for readers, "Supreme Court on Criminal Law" facilitates efficient research by providing cross-references between related and connected topics. This feature enables readers to navigate the digest more effectively and locate relevant case law on specific issues.

Overall, "Supreme Court on Criminal Law" stands out as a peerless and authoritative digest, offering a comprehensive overview of criminal law jurisprudence as interpreted by the Supreme Court of India. Its meticulous selection of cases, thematic arrangement, detailed summaries, coverage of recent developments, and enhanced searchability make it an invaluable resource for legal practitioners, scholars, and enthusiasts alike.